Escape Room


Do you know the new international phenomenon “Escape room”?

Locked in a funny themed room with your colleagues (5 people max per room), you have 60 minutes to get out.

And obviously, there is no exit.

Inside, you will discover a parallel universe filled with enigmas and mysterious objects…
Once the door is closed behind you, the countdown engages. Only one solution: to find the clues and the exit as quick as possible.

Only your logic, your imagination, your ingenuity and your team spirit will be able to help you to beat your biggest enemy: Time.

At the time of your arrival in the room, it will be necessary to search to find the clues disseminated in the scenery… Maybe to find a code or a key… and to combine the whole to progress in the history and to achieve your ultimate goal: to leave from there within the allocated time.

Forget your physical capacity! There will be only your patience and your reflection which will be able to help you in your escape…

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Escape Room