Charity Events

Since 2011, the “Make a wish foudation” works with the event agency ALLELUIAS EVENTS to bring a creative touch to her big annual commemoration evenings.
The first parts of the show in Forest National and in the Heyzel are organized by David De Bruyne and some of its partners who voluntarily have done everything to let enjoy the evening.
30 minutes of madness to heat the atmosphere.

Charity Events
Charity Events

"When I first met the responsible of Make a wish, we knew immediately that we had to put our talents together.
Until then, I lived in a world where only the development of my marriage and my business company had an interest. But one day my little fairy was born, Viviane. A child changes everything in your life.
Suddenly everything is clear! What if my only reason would suffer ... or disappear? This happens not only to others...
Is there a solution to the inevitable? A glimmer of hope?
Make a wish creates light when all the rest is dark. It is a beautiful sparkling vision who wants to convey to this weakened children.
Is there something more beautiful?
Unite your forces and give your time and energy to help Make a wish!
I would like to thanks Anne Sand, Arnaud Petit, Alain Slim, Monseu Jacques, Pierre, Cedric Orban and his dancers, Yvan, Petra, Cedric Dykmans, Antoine Vanderlinden, Isabelle Béquet and off course YOU... for everything! "
David De Bruyne - Vivian